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* MADE IN UK * DJ Earl Grey

@ Frana Supila, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia, start: 17.08.2013 (22:00)

Tijekom kolovoza Eastwest Banje beach club nastavlja u goste dovoditi brojna poznata imena londonske klubske scene. Tako nam u subotu, 17. kolovoza u sklopu programa „Made in UK – the best’s DJ’s from London“ u goste stiže DJ Earl Grey.

Klub svoja vrata otvara u 22:00h, a do ponoća je ulaz besplatan.

Informacije i rezervacije:
+385 99 211 96 66


Eastwest Beach Club is situated on one of the most unique ocean views in the world.
Throughout the summer we have invited some of London’s most amazing DJ’s bringing with them both forward thinking and underground music.
Saturday 17th August – Eastwest exclusive banje beach parties with top house and disco DJ Earl Grey.
Earl Grey was born out of a need to channel his own ideas and output his own productions and sounds.
The idea being that there is no pigeon hole to any of the Earl Grey music, no singular sound or style is trying to be achieved. It is just a simple outlet of things that are created in the studio, whatever the style/bpm/influence of the music.
Having released a handful of highly praised remixes on labels including Gomma and James Curds ‘Mr Kim’s records’, French label ‘La Belle’ released the debut EP ‘Not Everyones Cup
of Tea’ at the end of april this year to much praise from the likes of Bot’ox, Jerry Bouthier, Kasper Bjorke, Broke One, Punks Jump Up, SymbolOne, DJ Rocca, Scuola Furano, &
The Supermen Lovers.
The Ep is focused on instrumental songs with slower bpms and
delicious live spaced out synth work.
Earl is now working on more exciting remixes and originals.

Information and reservation:
+385 99 211 96 66

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