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Club Lazareti is a clubbing scene integrated in the programmes of Art Workshop Lazareti as a part of its independent centre of cultural production. It is situated in the historical quarantine houses of Dubrovnik, stretching east of the Old City, divided in compartments for music and theatre production, workshops, art gallery…
This suburban part of the city has been famous for development of urban culture since the early 70ties, contributed by Club Lazareti excellent technical and performative abilities in the 90ties, evolving around Karantena Festival of performative arts, which started in the summer of 1997.

Today, in order to attract the year – round attention of clubbing audience, Club Lazareti is developing a monthly if not a weekly programme of events and parties, concerts and live performances, both on profit and not for profit bases.
The Club consists of an interactive stage and is a combination of inner and outer spaces, considered as three floors: inner, terrace and the beach. The entrance to the beach floor gives one of the most enchanting views on the Old City historical port.

Mission and Vission: The Club nourishes real clubculture, locally as well as regionally relevant. It has promoted less commercial (punk and electronic, as well as etno) music genres, in the same time encouraging and supporting Dubrovnik rock bends to work and perform. It has also hosted world famous DJs and production houses.( S.W.A.G., Laus records etc) In order to work and collaborate with the leading world’s production houses the Club is in state of constant renovation of its technical and performing capacities.

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